Newborn Photo Shoot

Tips to get the best out of your shoot.

I am so excited to be photographing a beautiful baby boy this week that I have to share some tips on getting the most out of the time a baby will have with the photographer.

What you need to bring:

  • Any cuddly toys that you would like to pose with baby.
  • Any blankets you may have that match your nursery or room that the photos will be hanging in, we have a small selection of neutrals at the moment (we will be investing in more colours in the future).
  • Any cute hats or outfits, crotchet style hats and nappy covers work great. I hope to invest into a selection of little hats and nappy covers in the future too.
  • A plain black t-shirt for mum and dad
  • A plain white t-shirt for mum and dad
    A sleeveless top for mum or a strap top that is easy to move the straps so they are hidden
  • A pacifier/dummy and a spare in case it falls on the floor. Whilst the room is disinfected before and after each shoot it is better to be safer than sorry. The dummy helps to settle the baby between each pose, I will take a test shot once baby is in the pose I am looking for, remove the dummy to get the shot, and then replace it after. If your baby does not use a dummy, that is no problem.

Pictured left - A small selection of blankets I have available to use. I will also be using towels to help shape the area the baby will be laying on and use them as support to make the baby feel secure and safe.

Before You Arrive:

Before you arrive for your baby's photo shoot, please keep him/her awake for at least 1-2 hours before the shoot. A good way to do this is to give them a bath, they get to exercise their lungs and limbs and get worn out. It also makes their hair nice and fluffy too for that extra "cute factor".

A full belly equals a happy baby, so please hold off feeding until you arrive. If the baby is happy when you arrive, then I will start with a few family photos of baby with mum and dad, baby with just mum and baby with just dad. I will then ask you to feed the baby and once comfortably sleeping I will start with the posing shots. Whilst you are feeding the baby I will be setting up the beanbag or props. You have access to my kitchen should you need to use a microwave or boil a kettle.

There is no real time limit for these shoots although I allocate two hours from your arrival, I do not and will not rush a session and work with your baby's mood. If we need to stop half way through for a nappy change or another feed, that is fine. Your baby is the star and stars need to be given as much time as they need to be ready.

Things I will always do:

  • Take my time - I will not rush the photo shoot, it takes as long as it takes and I will stop regularly for mum to check baby is ok and happy.
  • Safety first! - I will not put your baby into a dangerous position to "get that shot" and if I don't have an assistant on hand, I will use mum or dad as a "spotter" to hold baby or props.
  • Comfort - Baby will be kept warm and I will not put the baby into a pose it is not comfortable with especially with older newborns. Aiming to get the classic "frog pose" is not what I want to do if the baby is no longer able to do it. All props will be suitable padded and smooth so as not to hurt the baby and props will be supported or weighted so that they are more stable.
  • Make it noisy - The sounds in the womb are very loud and some say as loud as a vacuum cleaner. Newborns will sleep much more soundly if there is white noise in the room. During a newborn session I have two noise sources, my iPad which will play sounds of rain or the ocean as well as an app on my iphone for static white noise. I also play music in the background. I not only find it helpful for the baby but it also relaxes me as well as the parents. Being relaxed is key since babies will pick up on your energy. You are welcome to bring a CD of your choice if you wish. 
  • Keep it warm - The room will be kept at a cozy 28C

The very best newborn shoots are done with very young babies, typically under 14 days old. However, success can be had with babies up to 10 weeks of age.

The best time to shoot is in the morning, but this also is very individual to each baby, like adults we all have different times of day when we feel more productive.

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